Friday, June 15, 2012

Hex Granny Scrap Buster Sweater part 1

This is going to be a picture tutorial or maybe more like a guide to making this cool sweater.  I got the idea HERE.  This is Ellene Warren's adult version of the EZ Surprise baby sweater.  This guide assumes that you know how to do a hex granny and a granny stitch.

I made a few changes to her guide and went with it longer rather than cropped.

You will need:
Left over WW yarn
I crochet hook
H crochet hook
darning needle

You'll be using an I Hook for the entire body of the sweater and the added rows on the bottom.

At this point, your work should be folding in on itself...don't worry, it's supposed to do this.  Just keep going :)
Now you're going to add to the bottom to add length.  Continue using your I hook.  I'm adding 5 more row just along the hem line.  You can make this as long as you would like.  There will be trim, so be sure that you stop about 5 inches short of the total length that you want it t be when finished. 
Switch to your H hook and it's time to do the collar and trim.  You'll be using the H hook for the rest of this sweater.  I don't know the physics of this, but if you don't switch to a smaller hook, you'll end up with the collar and sleeves looking ruffely...

Continued in next blog entry....

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