Friday, July 31, 2009

Crafting for Charity

Since I need to keep my hands busy at all times, along with making beads and jewelry I also do MANY crafts. One of the things I love to do is crochet put together with my addiction to yarn, this can be a huge problem. soooo...... about 2 years ago I joined a group called All Crafts for Charity. Each month, this group takes on a different project that we knit, crochet and sew for. It's an amazing group. I am amazed month after month at the amount of items that this group provides for those in need.

AC4C's mission statement:

This list promotes sewing, crocheting, knitting, quilting, tatting, smocking and other fabric arts for the good of charities all over the world! We have free patterns, free advice and lists of agencies in need of your hand made donations. We mostly specialize in helping premature (preemie) infants and but also promote other charities that may need our help. Please join us in a positive and loving atmosphere that thrives on helping others. All we ask from you are loving hands and a kind heart.

Some of the charities that we work with are:
  • Bundles of Love
  • Small Home for Elders
  • Center for Grieving Children
  • Woven Lotis
  • Balboa Children's Hospital
  • WRC Pregnancy Center
  • Oasis for Hope
  • Knit Your Bit
  • Ships Project
and many others.

So far this month, I have sent in a few sweater sets and some squares for our amazing joiners to make into afghans. all crafters out there. If you want to join a great group and put your crafting to great use, please think about joining. The reward is unimaginable.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

More New Stuff - Earrings

I'm doing Little Black Box this coming month. I'm really excited to participate in this program. It's a great opportunity to get a bunch of my stuff out to a niche market...people who love handcrafted goods.

Sooooo, I have been working on getting samples ready, I decided to do cell phone charms/zipper pulls and earrings for the boxes. I am also including a business card with a free offer on it. If you order a bracelet, I'll throw in a free pair of matching earrings. I have been getting all the little sample packs ready, making the beads, assembling the charms and earrings and was getting bored. I decided to do a few new earrings from my bead collection. So here are the new earrings:

Here is the new logo that I'm using on the website

And....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... the new earrings which are available on my website, Ebay, and my Etsy shop.

Pepperoni Pizza Earrings

Designer Style Cherry Earrings

Pony Earrings

Apple Earrings

Tuna Maguro Sushi Earrings

Tuna Roll Maguro Maki Earrings

Wish me luck!