Saturday, July 25, 2009

More New Stuff - Earrings

I'm doing Little Black Box this coming month. I'm really excited to participate in this program. It's a great opportunity to get a bunch of my stuff out to a niche market...people who love handcrafted goods.

Sooooo, I have been working on getting samples ready, I decided to do cell phone charms/zipper pulls and earrings for the boxes. I am also including a business card with a free offer on it. If you order a bracelet, I'll throw in a free pair of matching earrings. I have been getting all the little sample packs ready, making the beads, assembling the charms and earrings and was getting bored. I decided to do a few new earrings from my bead collection. So here are the new earrings:

Here is the new logo that I'm using on the website

And....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... the new earrings which are available on my website, Ebay, and my Etsy shop.

Pepperoni Pizza Earrings

Designer Style Cherry Earrings

Pony Earrings

Apple Earrings

Tuna Maguro Sushi Earrings

Tuna Roll Maguro Maki Earrings

Wish me luck!

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