Sunday, August 16, 2015

 So....Painted Shoes......

I've been working hard on a new enterprise. As usually happens, it started out as a simple thought.  My daughter and I both wanted Doctor Who shoes and the rest is history.  As soon as I started painting - the ideas just kept coming!  Here are a selection of what I've done so far.  They are all available through my Etsy shop and my Website

Most Children's styles will be done on a Lace Up Blank, Adult Sizes on a slip on (unless otherwise noted.

Here are some of the Sports Teams I've done so far.  I can do just about any team and any sport, High School, College or Professional.  As long as I have access to the team logo!

 I've done tons of characters from TV, Comic Books and Movies 


I've only done one Band so far:

And...finally - A few with original artwork!


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