Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's getting to be that time of year

It's coming upon the Renaissance Faire Season 
and look what I have for you

I pulled out all my chainmaille supplies (and ordered a few more that are on their way to me via camel from my supplier in Canada)

I've got a few pieces done and ideas for a bunch more.

Butterfly Choker in Aluminum - it's lightweight and comfortable - it' looks like silver but without the high price tag and doesn't tarnish.

Titanium Choker done in really tiny rings with little pink stars

Byzantine Bracelet done in white polished aluminum

I love this one - I call it Trapped in Blue - It's anodized gold aluminum with blue anodized aluminum trapped inside.  It has a semi Egyptian look.

I did this one for my daughter in her school colors- I ordered more anodized aluminum rings in a rainbow of colors so I can do custom order color combinations.

This one is a combination of natural titanuim and anodized niobium trapped pink rings

The last one for tonight is an anklet that I did by request for a FB friend that I met through Mikeysmail.  She loved the Butterfly Choker and asked if I could do something similar as an anklet.  I scaled it down with those TINY titanuim rings and here is the result:

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