Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

I've been working and reworking a few things.

I was featured on The Handmade Guru for my Snail Earrings. The site owner requested some Penguins, so I just added them!

I also reworked the Pea Pod Cuddle sack. I made it larger to fit newborn to 1 month. It also gave me the opportunity to add a third pea to the pod.

There might be a few new opportunities in the works as well. Michael, from Micky'smail on Youtube might be featuring several video tutorials of my peapod cuddlesack. This is super exciting! We might also be doing a cross over where he will be featuring my hooks and stitch markers for sale on his website.

If you are into loom knitting, crocheting or internet marketing, please check out his website. He has links to his suppliers (including me) patterns and video tutorials. Plus he's just awesome!

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