Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Contest Time!

I just finished up an order for Dulce Cupcakes in Washington state. I made 100 cupcake wine charms for them for an event they were doing.

The owner of the company wanted them as givaways and wanted them to look like the cupcakes they make.

So, as if 100 cupcakes wasn't enough, I was inspired to make a cupcake bracelet.

HERE IS THE CONTEST - Think of a name!

I need to name this one. Leave a comment with a clever, catchy or otherwise appropriate name. The winner will receive a bracelet of their choice from my collection at Fyrestorm Creations. It's a $45.00 value!

I will be making the decision on Halloween night.

so, have at it, be creative and help me come up with a name for this one. We need lots of participation in this one. The contest will only be valid if I have more than 10 entries - so tell your friends.


Fyrestorm Creations said...

First Comment from: Mildred Dumont

i think the cupcake bracelet should be call the yummy bracelet for the simple reason all little girls love cupcakes and so do i. good luck,

Sugardrive said...

I think Sweet Tooth is super cute!

Jodi Smeiska

twitchy fingers said...

How about 'cupCake it away' or 'cupcakelette'

Barbi Doll 29 said...

I think, "This One Takes the Cake" says it all!

annascaife said...

Awh, I see my first choice "Sweet Tooth" is already been suggested - Great Minds think alike. lol. but "Sweet Nothings" is good too. Or better still "Sweet Dreams" could be the winner. Your work is amazing by the way. Any chance it's available in Canada? Cheers and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving" this weekend.

Fyrestorm Creations said...

Anna, no problem ordering from Cananda. My shipping is the same for US and Canada.

International shipping is a problem through the website, but my items are still available internationally through
Etsy -

Ebay -

Barbi Doll 29 said...

May I enter more than once if I have thought of another possible name?

Fyrestorm Creations said...

Absolutely Barbi!

lizbuzz said...

cup cake dreams or cupcake wishes


Anonymous said...

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